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Team up. Bring it.

Do you take pride in your analog design skills? Good at thinking on your feet? Got a friend you can trust?

Cropped is back again for 2017, and this time, we’re increasing the field to 16 teams, tournament style.

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How does it work?

If you’re familiar with the NCAA Basketball Tournaments, you’ll know exactly how this is going to play itself out. The first round will challenge all 16 teams to improvise and create artwork on the fly for 20 minutes. Teams will battle head-to-head to determine 8 worthy of moving on to Round 2, 4 to Round 3, and 2 to the Finals.

Who can compete?

Anyone attending Create Upstate 2017 is eligible for Cropped Tournament. As long as you’ve purchased an event pass, you can sign up for Cropped.

You’ll need a partner, though they needn’t be from the same city, or state.

However, act quick because there’s only 16 teams that can play. Important: students are eligible to participate, but we have a max of 4 slots for student teams.

When does it go down?

The first two rounds will be held at the Kickoff Party on the evening of Thursday, May 4th. The semifinals and finals will be held at the After Party on the evening of Friday, May 5th. You must be in attendance to participate.

What’s at stake?

It’s probably easier to address what isn’t at stake. This thing is for all the marbles, glory, and fame. COMBINED.

We’re compiling a plethora of prizes from our sponsors and will announce them soon. Trust us, you’re gonna want to bring your A game.


You didn't think we'd make you jump through hoops for 4 rounds for nothing, did you? We've got some great prizes lined up this year. Here's a list of what we have so far. More on the way!

1st Place Team

  • Wacom Intuos Art Pen and Touch Tablet

  • 1 Year of Adobe Creative Cloud

2nd Place Team

  • Baron Fig Notebook

  • How To
    - Michael Bierut

3rd & 4th Place Teams

  • Creative Pep Talk
    - Andy J. Miller

5th-8th Place Teams

  • Super Team Deluxe Pins

9th-16th Place Teams

  • Mini Print Master Card - Ugmonk

This is not a drill.

1st 16 teams to sign up are in. GO!